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Justin & Laurel Vargas

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Both Justin and his wife Laurel have had the joy of walking out life together in the Lord for over ten years, beginning with their foundation of friendship which ultimately brought them together in marriage and the expansion of their house in the Lord with four beautiful children.


Before they were married, Justin had the great honor of being raised up in the things of God as a son in the faith by his Pastor, Philip Cappuccio where he learned about integrity and faithfulness in life, in marriage, and in ministry. For a little over a year, Justin served and further studied under the ministry and tutelage of the late Dr. Eldon R. Wilson while also being afforded the opportunity to minister in many churches from coast to coast and literally around the globe, touching 6 out of 7 continents. Since then, the process of marriage, parenting, church ministry and the workplace have continued to teach him much as he continues to seek the Lord through His Word and Godly counselors. Justin is grateful that the development of his character and calling has been and continues to be processed and refined by the rich impartation from and service to his local church and community. It is from this place of impact and exchange that he has been growing a strong desire to share the wealth of the wisdom of the present Kingdom of God to Christ’s Body at large.

Impacted from a young age by the call, the cost, and the commitment of pursuing Jesus Christ, Laurel is captivated by the glory and wisdom of God and is passionate to see the Kingdom of God established in the lives of victorious sons and daughters of God who know their place as the image of God in the earth. Through various seasons of ministry from her college campus to her local church, Laurel is currently in pursuit of discovering God’s pattern, presence and power for raising her family, her business Laureli Cottage, and creating meaningful community through hospitality.


As the Lord has continued to transform Justin and Laurel and mark the life of their family, he and his wife ministered their whole life together first starting at their college campus where they met and then Pastoring together for a season. Today they minister as the Lord opens the door to strengthen the body of believers. When not traveling, they minister in their local church, where Justin also serves as an elder. 


Together, Justin and Laurel continue to develop an appetite to see the body of Christ lay hold of His resurrection power and abundant life. Specifically, they desire to see disciples of Christ learn the victory of carrying their cross, the power of walking sensitively to the Spirit, the peace and joy of walking in righteousness in the Holy Spirit (which is the kingdom of God), to walk in discernment, to be faithful in purity, in marriage, and in family, to understand God’s will and purpose for his people, and to become an active part of Christ’s victorious bride to the extent of establishing the order of God’s present reign and rule on the earth. In short Justin's passion is to see a people advancing His Kingdom ways in every sphere of life and relationships, as he is commissioned to bridge both cultural and generational gaps. He has been graced to preach the word and make room for the prophetic, to help aid and build up the body of Christ.

"I believe we are in need of a major emphatic move of the Holy Ghost in our churches, communities and nation. Today we face perhaps the greatest identity crises within our young to middle aged generation in the history of our nation, who are looking to discover their purpose. With this in mind, would you consider praying for a time or special meeting that we may impart and administer into this great need? It is with this in my heart that I offer myself beyond my own locale, that if the grace I carry may be a blessing or service to your entrusted field of ministry, I am available."      - Justin 

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