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The mystery of godliness is that God should humble Himself to become a man. Hence Jesus Christ removing Himself from the glory of God, going lower than the angels to take on the image of mankind, yet without sin. All for the purpose to redeem mankind, by whoever believes and follows Him! 1 Timothy 3:16

The mystery of iniquity is that man would seek to be praised and glorified being referenced as God or as a god. 2 Thessalonians 2

The great apostasy of the Church is not an over night thing but happens gradually. When men or women begin to loose their fervor for God they begin to loose their ability to discern between truth and error.

Again not over night but over time a flowing together of paganism and Christianity. I believe today we can easily identify as Humanism as much of the Church bends its knee to the perverse ruling of man made government rather than the authority of the Kingdom of Christ as revived from Jesus Christ Himself.

Not from a President, not even a Pope whose office has no part of Christianity whatsoever but believes their authority goes above the scriptures themselves.

Many historical books claim that in the 1st-5th Century that the Church Christianized paganism, but the facts is that is not true. That over time Rome paganize the Church; by which now the Church has been measure by measure, reformation by reformation, revival by revival coming out of inherited error and unto a place of REDISCOVERY!

This is why though we are in shock an awe over the acknowledgment and mixture of the allowance of homosexual unions, child sexual abuse and sex trafficking, pornography, adultery, just to name a few that have been accepted among some “Christian” claimed institutions, but the fact of the matter is that they have either become paganize or were never Christian to begin with.

However this becomes named among us IF we no longer seek FIRST God’s Kingdom and His righteous. Either Christ is FIRST in your life, in your congregation or not at all! There is no in between and He will share His glory with no man and nothing else. The epitome of worship to God is to worship Christ Jesus alone not only in song but in life style, in choices we make, in everything. And such that would come into a place of apostasy will have their candle that was given by God, removed. Revelation 2:5

Yet there is still time to REPENT and turn.

All of this is a time of PROVING and PRUNING that God is allowing, where those who are called by His Name Jesus can come and repent and turn away from wicked things and ways. A time where those who remain lost and still be found in Christ before the day where God will shut the door to the true ark, Jesus Christ.

Don’t think it strange that there is such a time of proving before there comes a time or TIMES OF REFRESHING from the Spirit of God!

We are not called to live in uncertainty or insecurity in our faith in Jesus Christ, but to walk in fear and trembling means we are to walk with intentionality, discernment, precision all guided by both the marrying between the unadulterated Word of God a d the guiding of His Holy Spirit! This is the corner stone of validation of ones Christianity, being Born Anew or Born Again!

Before being at odds about vaccines, masks, government laws, labeling everything racist or black victimization or now white suppression... what matters is is my LIGHT still burning for Jesus and am I just as quick to FIRST seek out His counsel and out of His counsel base my decisions, for the BENEFIT of being a light in the midst of darkness and advancing His Kingdom and not my opinions!

It is only when you speak on behalf and identify that which is Kingdom, bringing all unto godliness Himself Jesus Christ that you will be permitted as being a Voice to your generation and not merely another echo that goes with the current of what is deemed as both mainstream and paganism, leading to the waterfalls of great iniquity.

It’s one thing to see the influence of godliness upon some ways within society, but never for one minute expect that righteousness would be sourced from worldliness! Water that is diluted, can not remain pure; so it’s time to stop swimming in it, if you want to come into organize, pure truth and step into the Kingdom of God!

Matthew 6:10 KJV [10] Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

May your allow The Lord to bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you.

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