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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed. Acts 19:20

It has been common and desirable to see numbers. To allow multiplicity to determine influence, notoriety, and success. Often, this has been the inspiration behind many prayers in the Church of America. We do a good job praying for revival, for new wine, for a downpour (or as this digital age puts it, a “download”) from heaven.

However, I fear that many may think Revival is the endgame while missing the purpose revival comes to ignite.

Revival is crucial, as it is for one laying down dead, ceasing to breathe. To resuscitate or revive such a person is not a pretty picture. We don’t dress in our Sunday best to go plan to bring a corpse back to life. In such cases, it is a violent, apprehensive act to perform CPR. There is no light tapping on the chest, but an intense pounding, trying to trigger the heart to respond to the breath being blown within.

The New Wine of Revival is not to justify or validate your old wineskin., such as we have seen with those who criticized revivals occurring across the country, comparing it to the past, saying that is not a true revival. The facts are, unless we tear down the shines of past experiences we built, there will be no revival brought to such an old wine skin. Why? Because old wineskins can’t handle new wine, just as those seeking to live, defend and remain in the past can’t handle the truth of the present hour (Matthew 9:17).

When God moved sovereignly, bringing revival to Ephesus, it became regionally known and nationally prevailed throughout Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). As you can see, God did not just increase numbers, just for the sake of numbers.

Like a seed, the Word was planted. Like the plant, the Word grew. Like a mighty tree,

The Word prevailed.

Are we praying for revival for the sake of revival? Are we praying for growth for the sake of growth? Or are we praying for the Word to prevail? Because it is the prevailing Word that is the endgame of God!

In the beginning, it was The Word that spoke. In the manger, it was The Word made manifest. At the end of the age, it is The Word that prevails!

Thank God for the miraculous, for revelations, and for the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit that are for today! But if we do not allow these things to cause The Word to prevail in our lives now, then what makes us think God will allow The Word to prevail through our lives later?

God is no respecter of persons, He is a regarder of His Word! Therefore, may we be the same. In regard to His Word, in how we present ourselves in representing His Word, and in how we speak in mindfulness of His Word. Ultimately in how we love, in accordance to His Word!

If God’s Word does not go beyond touching your life, growing your understanding and devotion (not just your ministry or influence), that it would create you truly as a mature saint; then His Word has yet to prevail in you.

If His Word hasn’t reached the point of prevailing, then we have yet to receive Him as Lord. And if we have yet to receive Him as Lord, then He has yet to be welcomed as the Savior of our life.

May we let, God’s Word prevail! Not only to revive but to remain! Not just to visit, but to inhabit!

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