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It’s been our experience that many (not always the case) of those who also have a number of children haven’t thought twice to invite my family and I over their home. Then I began to realize it’s because they also have come to know the God of multiplication in provision and never worried if God wouldn’t provide for more. Therefore they know how to take steps of faith and the real enjoyment isn’t just our appearance but God’s manifest presence. We never take for granted every opportunity to connect with people.

Instead of waiting around my wife and I have been busy and blessed to inviting singles, couples and families over as well and always seen the Lord provide extravagantly. Because we believe that hospitality isn’t a suggestion within the Christian walk but a requirement as well as an easy opportunity to experience the genuine love of God! Whether the food presented is Gourmet or PB&J, both spell out LOVE.

If you are willing to set the table, God’s presence will set the atmosphere and provision; for without faith it is impossible to please Him!

What’s the wait to inviting your Pastors or the new comers from your Church over your place? We may get our heads filled with information once a week, but you’ll get your life filled with the goodness of Christ when you cultivate a lifestyle given to hospitality.

Want to see God increase? Be willing to Prove Him upon His own word (children or not) by providing Him with a need and be willing to obey His instruction. As Jesus was provided with a need at the wedding feast, it was up to the wedding workers to obey His commands where God turned their water into not just wine, but the best of wine. I would say the best that wasn’t fermented where people can actually remember this is must be the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous to our lingering taste and site!

The Lord loves a challenge where He will be glorified! So give it your best shot (with only the spiritual vaccine of faith) and dare to entertain the seemingly impossible for with God ALL THINGS (not some things) are possible to them that believe!

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