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Mark 4:16-17 And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, IMMEDIATELY receive it with gladness; And have NO ROOT in themselves, and so endure BUT FOR A TIME: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word's sake, IMMEDIATELY they are offended. This is an excerpt from the parable Jesus gives about the sower sowing seed. Jesus deals with a variety of conditions of the human heart and the sort of effect such a heart could expect when the seed of God's Word comes to it. Much can be said about each case and Jesus implies in verse 13 of the same chapter that this parable He gives is the parable of all parables in understanding what His Kingdom is all about and the purpose thereof as it is all about the condition of the human heart. Many today will say the Bible is outdated due to the present change of cultural conditions in America. Though it is true that there are different cultures and societal norms whether right or wrong, it is also true that the condition of the human heart has never evolved nor changed from experiencing that which God's Word calls wicked and good. Even traveling around the world and seeing many people groups and cultural differences will also testify to this truth. America is no exception to the rule. In this instance found in Mark 4:16-17, I believe this passage of scripture is again relevant to the condition of the hearts of those who profess to be Christians and yet do not take a stand upon Christian principal and Biblical doctrine. This portion of parable speaks of those who had no problem receiving the word of God and knowing how much God loves them and so on, yet they have not allowed the seed of that Word to be deeply rooted in their heart.  This is proven, as that how God allows the "sun" or heat of the day and hour which we presently live in to provide opportunity of 'proving' whether or not those who claim to receive His Word gladly KEPT it. Thus allowing The Word to be kept strongly within their life and germinate into the shaping of their understanding as well as habitually reinforcing their belief! 2 Tim. 2:5 Study to shew thyself APPROVED unto God, a workman that needeth NOT TO BE ASHAMED, rightly dividing the word of truth. You must know what you believe! Mere speculation by feeling alone is not substantial enough to withstand the evil day and all of it's opinions and snares. Jesus said one who is wise built his house on a rock and one foolish built his on sand (Matt. 7:24-27). When the storms came and winds blew, the one who had a strong foundation was more DEEPLY ROOTED then the one who built his foundation on sand and the wise man's house was left standing as the foolish one's house perished in the storm! Friend, we live in a time that storms are blowing and many humanistic secular opinions on various issues of life are as flying debris within Satan's cyclone of death and devastation! You must ask yourself if you claim to be a follower of Jesus, "What kind of foundation is my life built upon? Do I have more Bible in the foundation of my thoughts or am I more swayed at popular opinions? Am I motivated by fear and easily offended? Or am I convicted by faith and realize that my offenses really are not about me, but about what and who I believe in?" It is never easy for the life of any Christian WHO CARES for the things of this world. You really got to habitually HATE SIN and LOVE RIGHTEOUSNESS in order to remain DEEPLY ROOTED and allow the house of your life and identity in Christ to be standing and doing all to stand! This is why a Christian must live both a prayer and word life. One does not have a meal without both food to eat and something to drink and expect to live in the full vitality of nourishment. So it is true that the spiritual meal of any disciple of Christ involves both the partaking of His Word and the drinking or consumption of His fellowship through prayer. Prayer and the Word compliment each other and cause you to stand firm, being deeply rooted!

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