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I was reminded last week about how God is the God of balance! When it comes to knowing the voice of The Lord, He will ALWAYS speak in balance. When it comes to knowing what The Holy Spirit is doing in you, He will always seek to work BALANCE in your life.

For example, inspired by The Lord, the wisest man (aside from Jesus) penned these words saying “A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight.” (Proverbs 11:1)

Many people today are living with a false balance view of God and understanding of His hand at work, as well as professed believers. Now it is no issue of one’s Salvation, but the lack of understanding the balance of God becomes detriment to one’s growth unto maturity, as well as operation within their calling or gifting.

Even when it comes to the knowledge of the word and applying it as an answer to today’s social rebuttals whether it be that God is ONLY the God of Love or perhaps the one scripture that says not to judge. Whatever the case may be, one who lives on one side of the fence when it comes to their understanding of God, is a person living with a false balance!

Is God Love? Of course He is! (1 John 4:8) But mind you the Bible also says God is A jealous and avenging God and that The LORD is avenging and wrathful. (Nahum 1:2) The two go hand in hand, it is not contradictory, but in its entirety and context, it is the balance understanding of WHO God is.

Here is another example, Jesus says “Do not JUDGE” which means by definition, do not condemn (to withdraw from God’s presence). (Matthew. 7:1) But Jesus also says in John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge RIGHTEOUS (God’s established way) judgment. So we are called to judge under the viewpoint of righteousness!

Also what about Jesus, the same one who comes storming into a temple with a whip casting out the money-changers and merchants out of zeal for God’s House to be the place of prayer for all nations, meanwhile he is the same Jesus telling Peter to put his sword away after cutting the ear off a soldier in attempt to protect Jesus! Jesus later stating that in His Kingdom, his servants do not fight as the world fights with swords and such! (Matthew 21:12 & John 18:10-11) What’s the difference? Jesus knew which side of the balance God was on, Peter did not! Later Jesus died, then three days after He resurrected! For the life of a Christian, spiritually (as well as soon literally) we must experience a death and resurrection in our walk! Why is that? It’s called BALANCE! Plus one can never experience a resurrection into a greater place of the glory and goodness of God without a self-denying death!

The list can go on and on and on with scriptures that say one thing and then another! Why? Because God is a GOD OF BALANCE!!!

All you may know is that God is loving, meanwhile the Holy Spirit wants to work on the Holiness of God in your life! You also may know of only the BOLDNESS of The Lord, meanwhile God may also want to you to come into the compassion and understanding of His mercy and grace!! Whatever the case may be, just know that God will always speak to you in balance! Also be sure that whatever Church preaches a WELL BALANCED word!

Even the gift of the prophetic today will always have balance when judging it. It will speak truthfully containing both correction and grace, ALWAYS in light of prophetically speaking the mind of God (not to confuse with preaching a prepared sermon for those who think prophesying is preaching as such), but speaking under the inspiration of The Holy Ghost! No matter what problem God may address through a Prophet or Prophetess, grace will be accompanied as to how to navigate back into the place God has you to come into! Why? Because God is a God of balance!

When it comes to praying for a spouse, the world would say “OPPOSITES ATTRACT”, but for the Kingdom man or woman, we ought to know in God’s mind, “OPPOSITES BALANCE!” Mind you that the ACT of homosexuality is an abomination to God, because it is a FALSE BALANCE! God says be fruitful, so God made a woman to balance out the man in their calling to His commission! Both completely different, but both unable to do without each other and allow love to outlast their very own life time within the manifestation of offspring!

Even when it comes to a nation, God judges based on His balance and not our balance! Just consider Daniel 5 (esp. verses 26-27) when God writes on the wall of a pagan King how that he was found in the balance of God and therefore the kingdom is being snatched away from him! A word to America is where do you fall in the balance??? Selah

I believe the principle of Balance ought to be found in everything from your walk with God down to the way you eat! BALANCE is key! Now there may be times when you need to work on one side of the balance more than the other, but it is all to get to an even balance! This is why we are encouraged to eat and keep a WELL BALANCED diet!

Now understanding balance is not about going to the extreme for a Christian to date and marry a professed atheist, for the Christian ought to be equally yoked and to be equally yoked doesn’t mean both people confess the same religious belief, but it is addressing the calling upon both people, as they both become one in marriage! Such as a horse and mule cannot share the same yoke to plow a field. Both may be part of the same family, but both are not equipped to share the same calling or task. Put them in the same yoke and the plowing of the field would become crooked, OFF BALANCE!

When I was believing God for a wife I would never pray specifically for anyone by name, but rather I would pray for God’s will in the one I was to marry. That’s not to say I would not pray for my “unbeknown” wife at the time, but just didn’t put a face on her. Not realizing at the time my best friend Laurel would soon be my wife, I tried to simply etch out any faces in my mind and connect to the face of Jesus whenever thoughts of marriage would arise. Some people suggested I would make a list of attributes I wanted in a person and so forth, but personally I never did that, because I had no idea at the time, other than generalizing, what God had in mind, because I knew God was a God of BALANCE!

When Laurel came to mind of becoming more than my good friend, I thought at first we were not for each other because she knew too much about me or in some way we were too much alike, but little did I know that she was graciously different! Boy was I glad I never put much stock into my preconceived idea of her and allowed God to reveal more of the precious gift she has become to my life!

Now you may find yourself now at a place believing God for that special person to spend the rest of your life with. Let me give you a word of advice, do not try to figure out God’s balance when it comes to the little details of your calling and convictions. If anything be led by what the Bible says on the issue and the Holy Spirit in prayer, but just know that for the rest of your life and the person he has for you, God will always be adjusting the balance within the confines of one marriage! Trust me when I say, settling NOT for what is just good, but rather for what is God will never leave you disappointed!

One reason why I never prayed for anyone specific for my life, was because I had not a clue how The Lord would adjust my balance along the way and I trust that only He knew who was the one that could walk hand in hand as we both came into a balance!

As for Laurel and I, I typically am more prone to be bold and she more gracious! There are times when boldness needs to be unleashed and there are times when boldness needs to take a seat and allow grace to comfort! Now don’t get me wrong, Laurel is very much bold and convicting to the core, but in the long run, I find that as we operate together under the leading of the Holy Spirit, we truly balance each other out. This I could not plan or predict, but only The Lord!

So if you are one sided in your understanding about The Lord, my friend…you are OFF balance and God wants to bring you back into order, that you may be walking in the way of His delight! Don’t be like the rest of society so “OFF BALANCE”, but embrace the fullness of who God is and use the gift called discernment to know what it is God may be doing in your life presently! Just know that a FALSE balance is just as much an abomination as any other sin that is also described to be as such in the sight of God. So enter in to His delight!

Let me be weighed in an even balance, that God may know mine integrity. Job 31:6

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