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It was as if a sea of palm trees where dancing when one on the back of a donkey road down upon the streets of Jerusalem. HOSANNA, HOSANNA, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, was being sung and worshipped!

It was a glorious moment of time. A time of prophetic fulfillment, a time of greatest habitation as this Son of Man was being magnified truly as the Son of God...this King, this GREAT I AM! It was the moment of time where the miracles were being noted, where revelation seemed to have been received and the city on the verge of an uproar against the suppression of the government of Rome, returning to the roots of inherited blessing unto its very fulfillment with this single man, born miraculously, demonstrated in power...worth of the utmost honor and praise.

Their garments were laid down, palm branches exalted in their hands and yet this worship was the most they could have done, not yet realizing that this Son of Man would yet perform and demonstrate the greatest act of worship, fulfilling the two greatest commandments as an example and act of perfect obedience. The act of first loving God with all heart, soul and mind; and then loving his neighbor / the world as Himself by the laying down His life for whosoever would receive the gift of Himself, where Salvation is found. No GREATER LOVE than this, that a man lays down His life for a friend. Except this great life was even laid down for those who were and would be His enemies, living at enmity against Him and the cause of the cross which He did bare.

This Son of Man and yet Son of God’s garments soon to be ripped off and torn, beaten and then mocked by the very crowd that once exalted him.

What happened to the praises? What happened to the testimonies of how this man split the Red Sea of every hinderance, every spirit of oppression, every stronghold of impossibility and demonic suppression?

As like Miriam in the days of old, they gotten their timbrel of praise unto God but just a few days later hating against the very one they once magnified. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Perhaps it’s the same hypocrisy we find today, those who praise God on Sunday’s one moment and live denying Him by the fruit of their ways throughout the week. Perhaps those who find it to jump on the band wagon of ONLY taking note of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection one time a year as they live all their days as if Jesus is not alive, let alone not living in their life!

Nevertheless this Jesus moved on, because the ultimate expression of WORSHIP by obedience was yet to be offered on behalf of the human race, the final stretch that would securely open the opportunity of the greatest and only SALVATION.

It truly seemed like a stretch in His perfect obedience as His arms were stretched beyond where they could physically go (without one bone being broken), then being securely nailed to that wooden cross and hoisted up for the world to see.

It was then when the Son of Man, this High Priest of all high priests, had His hands lifted high, where we find when He lifted His PALMS!

I hope this post isn’t too long for your attention span, as Jesus’ journey to the cross, then the grave and unto Resurrection life was indeed not for the faint of heart to try to keep up with. The disciples dipped out when seeing a bloodied and beaten Jesus. Their hope and expectation seemingly to lie dead in every possible and conceivable way . Yet it was only for a short season, as New Life was about to take center stage, being revealed as the MAIN NARRATIVE and ultimate plan pressed on the heart of God for all humanity!

What has given the cross POWER is the One who was on it and all that He has done and what was done on that cross! Therefore the POWER of a NEW LIFE unto God is dependent on all that has been accomplished and WHO has been accomplished and being accomplished more within you!

It’s all in Jesus Christ the ONLY HOPE of Glory and Salvation from the snares and ways of Satan and all that follow!

Ghandi is dead an buried, Muhammad is dead and buried, Buddha is dead and buried, all of the 32 million fictitious god’s in Hinduism is dead and buried, Mother Theresa is dead and buried, the Popes are dead and buried, their saints as well and even the earthly mother of Jesus is dead and buried, along with all who have once walked this earth.

There is ONLY ONE who resurrected and remains alive until that glorious day where at His bodily return the graves shall open and those who have followed Jesus shall enter into the inheritance of life eternal and all who have opposed Him, even those having a “form” of godliness but deny the true power found hid in Christ; who shall enter into the remaining consequence of sin’s bondage...unto death without the hope of being alive ever again.

But until then, because Jesus lives, we who are alive can also live and live abundantly in Him! Because He His palms were lifted up, so can we lift up our hands without wrath or doubting, unto a lifestyle of perfect surrender and obedience to God found in Christ Jesus our Lord!

The only way we can truly come into the inheritance of life and forsake the consequences of death is if we repent which is to change course in our life from living for self and now living for Jesus and follow His way and His alone.

It’s a journey worth traveling and truly a life worth living!

As shared input from my wife, the people lifted their palm branches in the height of their hope and expectation of Jesus and all being glorious. Jesus as the Son of Man lifted the PALMS of His hands in the height of what seemed to be defeat and great disappoint. God Himself turning His back in that moment, but the promises of The Father and demand that perfect obedience brings never turned its back, but stood to applaud as what was defeated wasn’t the man Jesus but rather the judgment of sin...being death!

The Son of Man died on Friday, but the Son of God came forth on Sunday!

It is in the times of your greatest disappointments and as if Jesus became a stranger to you while on your journey, that you continue to lift up your palms and praise Him for He is worthy of all praise and His promises are true and will never fail as long as we allow ourselves to lay hold of them!

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